Janata Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Janata Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Janata Personal Accident Insurance Plan

This scheme provides cover to people between the age of 10 years and 70 years regardless of their profession and income. The permittee receives a death benefit in case the insured dies or meets with an accident and is permanently disabled.

Janata personal accident insurance gives cover to individuals between the age of 10 years and 70 years of their occupation & income. The nominee gets a death advantage in case the insured dies or meet with a sudden accident & become forever disabled.

Policy in brief

The Coverage: Personal

Amount Insured: Rs. 25000 to 5 lac

Details about the Premium rate

The rate of premium is Rs.15/- for an amount insured of Rs.25,000/-. The amount insured shall be increased in multiples of Rs. 25,000/- and premium is charged according to that.

What documents are required to apply for the scheme?

To buy this Janata personal accident insurance policy, a proposer has to fill up an application form or a proposal form by mentioning exact medical history. It is then required to be submitted along with the address proof & identity proof. In some cases, a medical examination may be required which will be decided on the basis of an amount insured and the age of the person.

What is the eligibility criteria of Janata Personal Accident Insurance scheme

  • Minimum age – 10 years
  • Maximum age – 70 years
  • The minimum amount assured- Rs. 25,000 per year
  • The maximum amount assured- Rs. 1,00,000 per year
  • Minimum policy term – 1 year
  • Maximum policy term – 5 years
  • Premium rate – Rs.15 for a minimum amount assured of Rs. 25,000

Some features and benefits of Janata Personal Accident Insurance

  • Policy type- it’s an Individual & group policy
  • The scheme offers cover for death and perpetual handicap of the insured brought by an accident
  • Any person who is an Indian inhabitant and is between the age of 10 years and 70 years paying regardless of their occupation
  • It offers a discount of 30% on the group policies if you buy depending on the size of the group
  • The policy provides a 20% discount on long term policies
  • The scheme will pay the death benefit to the nominee
  • It provides remuneration on permanent total disablement of the insured caused by an accident/mishaps
  • The scheme provides remuneration on permanent partial disablement of the insured caused by an accident/mishaps
  • The amount payable under the policy does not carry any interest
  • The convenient application process to apply for the scheme
  • The policy is active worldwide and offers 24 hours cover
  • There are minimal documents required

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Coverage under Janata Personal Accident Insurance

Below are the listed factors that are covered under Janata insurance policy & the percentage of remunerations provided:

  • 100% of the amount insured in case of death
  • Loss of two limbs, two eyes or one eye and one limb (physical damage- 100% of the amount insured
  • 50% of the amount insured in case of loss of one limb or one eye
  • Permanent total disablement – 100% of the amount insured

Exclusions Under Janata Personal Accident Insurance policy

The exclusions or factors are listed below that are not covered under the policy

  • Attempt to suicide
  • Injury caused by self-harm/self-killing
  • Death because of a pre-existing disability
  • Death due to the consumption of drugs/alcohol
  • Death incident due to an accident on hill
  • Death while racing on bike or car
  • Death due to war or nuclear attack in the country
  • Breach of law with criminal intention seen

How to buy Janata Personal Accident Insurance scheme?

  • Download the application form on online or collect at one of the banks that provide the policy or at the national Insurance company office
  • Fill up the form with accurate personal details
  • Submit the form online or off-line
  • The Premium rate estimate will be provided to the proposed
  • The Janata policy will be given to the customer

Where to buy Janata personal accident insurance scheme?

  • Oriental insurance company
  • National insurance India
  • New India insurance
  • Progressive corporation
  • Alliance SE
  • Met life
  • AXA insurance company

Janata Personal Accident Policy Maturity and Premium Calculator

With the help of Janata Personal Accident policy maturity and premium calculator, you can calculate minimum premium has to be paid to buy the insurance provider by giving below information:

  • Personal details
  • Amount Insured
  • Policy timeframe
  • Age
  • Number of the member’s group
  • Premium range

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