Best Maryland auto insurance companies

Best Maryland auto insurance companies

Best Maryland auto insurance companies

There are many best auto insurance companies in Maryland. You have plenty of choices to choose from. As every coin has two sides, so the state has two sides of it. Though being the most populated state, it has some critical issues like there is n number of uninsured drivers, accidents, theft, loss of vehicle or properties. Therefore, the insurance premium cost is higher.
Imagine if you are living in the kind of a city where there is a long history of car/bike accidents and stolen vehicle complains, the prices automatically rises.
However, to keep it simple for you, you just need to do your lesson in detail which company offers you an insurance policy with a high coverage limit.

How to find the best Auto insurance policy in Maryland?

Check auto insurance customer review online
Companies market share
Financial strength
Ratings by agencies like Forbes or Business Insider
Claims amount paid till now
Call local agents for best prices & discounts

The Best Auto Insurance Companies in Maryland

Erie Insurance
State Farm

Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance provides the cheapest quotes. Its rates are usually affordable as well. They don’t provide more discounts but they serve amazing benefits.
There are many privileges available to you when you buy a policy from Erie Insurance which many competitor companies are not still providing. Some exclusivity you get as a customer is covering the pet injury, any kinds of property loss, personal injury or even car replacement cost. Erie is one of the best auto insurance companies you can buy from. The claim process will be smooth and headache-free.

State Farm

You can feel completely confident in its ability to pay out claims. The company is a little expensive compared to other insurers in the market, but you will like the idea to have a policy with high coverage limits. There are some discounts available by the company which can help you bring your expense down. There are multiple ways though by the help of, you can maintain a clean driving record and save your money. Young drivers in town can reduce their costs by being a good student and completing a driver training program until they are sure of learning a driving skill.


Allstate is a good company. This particular company provides you a policy at a low price with high benefits. Allstate has earned an impressive A+ financial stability rating from A.M. Best, it is the best company when it comes to customer satisfaction. The auto insurance includes vehicle safety features, paperless billing & autopay. Allstate holds the record for the most endorsements. The best offerings that the company is giving is auto customer parts coverage & property protection as well which is not offered by many other companies.


Nationwide is another good insurance company in Maryland which has the best family plan. Its family plan allows all the family members to take advantage of group discounts.

What is the average auto insurance premium rate in Maryland?

The amount depends on your car, your coverage, and your home address. The tools are available at the top of the page of every insurance website to find your best rates & plans. You can choose the best one out of it. Maryland’s accident insurance premium rate is a little higher than in other states or cities. You will pay about $1,116 every year. All things considered, the amount you will pay can fluctuate little bit relying upon your vehicle, your policy coverage, and your location.

What is the minimum Auto insurance eligibility in Maryland’s?

$30,000 physical injury coverage per person
$60,000 physical injury coverage per accident
$15,000 property damage coverage per accident
Maryland is one of the rare states to require its residents to carry uninsured and underinsured auto coverage in the same quantities listed above. The residents of the state must buy $2,500 of personal injury protection, though this can be waived under certain terms & conditions.

How much insurance coverage should you buy?

As much as the coverage you can afford, you can buy it. As you can see above, insurance policies have different coverage varies from companies to companies.
Every auto insurance company in Maryland looks at the same factors when determining premiums but they weigh them all differently.

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