Halifax Car Insurance

Halifax Car Insurance 

Halifax Car Insurance 

Amongst others, Halifax Insurance provides affordable and reliable car insurance at very reasonable rates. Bank of Scotland offers Halifax Car Insurance.

Halifax Car Insurance is entirely managed and administrated by BISL Limited.

They offer a discount on the average term (two-months) car insurance if the buyer register for Halifax Online Banking.

Type of Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance: It not only provides cover both to third parties. It also provides coverage to the buyer and his car and passengers when involved in an accident. This type of insurance cover allows you to drive another car on a third party basis.

Car Legal Expenses Insurance: It is an add on to your car insurance and provides legal expense cover when a dispute arises. If it is not your fault you can claim back uninsured losses and this add on policy cover will fund the legal costs.

Third Party Car Insurance: This is the minimum cover required by law in the UK. It saves you from paying for damage to other’s vehicles. It should be noted that you can’t claim against your own vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance: In addition to liabilities of the third party this cover will provide financial protection in case of any damage caused to your car by fire or any loss due to theft.

How To Get a Halifax Car Insurance Quote?

It is really easy to obtain a quote with Halifax Car Insurance. If you are looking to get a quote, the company advises using Halifax`s panel of insurers.

Doing this will get you an extra discount of 10% for the first year. It is necessary for the customer to be registered with Halifax Online Banking customers.

There are two ways in which you can get a Bank quote:

  • Register online and get a quote online.
  • Obtain Via telephone call.

You just need to make a call and they will provide the quote in about a minute.

If you are an existing client of Halifax Online Banking clients, you can call on companies telephone 0330 0188 976.

If you are not an existing customer call on this number 0330 0189 539 between Monday to Friday. Timings are 8 am in the morning to 9 pm in the evening.

How To Make A Claim?

To make a claim, call on Halifax number 0344 2090472. These lines are 24/7.

While registering a claim, you must have the following information handy with you:

  • Policy number
  • Date and Time of accident
  • Details of third party involvement if any
  • Details of eyewitnesses
  • If the police were involved

For windscreen repairs and claims, you need to make a call on 0330 0181889. These lines are also open 24 hours a day.

Proof of No Claim Discount?

When you buy out Halifax Car Insurance, they will ask you for proof of any existing no claims discount. It is either a renewal invitation or the insurer’s letter.

These proof  should have a relation to the policy purchased within the past two years and you must show:

  • Your Vehicle Registration details
  • No claims discount in terms of years or in percentage
  • The renewal or expiry date of the policy
  • Details of claims or losses.

The proof can be sent through the following methods:

  • Directly Emailing it to Halifaxcarinsurance@insurance-system.co.uk
  • Faxed the documents on 0344 209 0478
  • Post the documents to the postal address of the company.

If you want to avoid the cost increase of the policy or policy being canceled then the proof of no claims discount must be sent within 21 days from the start date of the policy.

How To Renew The Policy?

For Renewals, the panel will quote you the price again.

If you have any queries related to renewal you can call on 0344 2090470.

These lines are open from 8 am – 9 pm Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and public holidays, they are open from 9 am – 5 pm and on Sundays from 10 am – 4 pm.

How To Opt for any change in your details?

If you are looking to change any of your details you need to make a call on 0344 2090471.

Monday to Friday between 8 am – 9 pm. On Saturdays and public holidays, the timings are 9 am – 5 pm and on Sunday between10am-4pm.

You can make the below-mentioned changes to your insurance policy through online Self–Service Centre.

  1. Changing the vehicle, changing the Insurance cover level and vehicle use
  2. Add, Remove or manage additional drivers
  3. Change of address and contact details
  4. Changing payment details.

It should be noted that amendments in your policy can result in a change of premium amounts.

How To Make Payments?

The policyholder can pay for the services and covers by any 1 of the following 4 methods:

  1. Online payment form
  2. Wire transfers
  3. Via Debit/credit card
  4. By phone or post

Halifax Car Insurance Reviews

Halifax Car Insurance reviews are good on most of the sites. It is averagely between 3.5 to 3.8 Star ratings.

The Review of a Halifax car Insurance is like We inspect and rate the 58 most significant components of standard car Insurance policies to concoct the general approach score. We survey how significant every individual component is to drivers when picking and utilizing a car insurance policy, and weight it in like manner when figuring our all-out policy score.

When you compare the market car insurance, Halifax provides the lowest rates and better service compared to others.

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